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Electronic Newsletters (E-Newsletters) have become a standard fixture in many small business online marketing strategies, with good reason. E-Newsletters can be very effective in building credibility and establishing expertise.

E-Newsletters are also great for keeping the mindshare of customers and prospects, especially when sent out on a regular basis as part of your web marketing routine.

But mostly, E-Newsletters are one of the most important online marketing strategies because they work!

Sending E-Newsletters helps you:

  • Keep your name and message in front of customers and prospects
  • Trigger buy-events from customers
  • Build your brand
  • Drive new sales
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Reinforce your marketing message
  • Stay in touch with customers and let them know about special offers, new products, or company news

With E-Newsletters, your customers benefit from:

  • Regular reminders about how your company can solve their business problems
  • Learning about your new products and services
  • Receiving regular information on the latest product and industry trends from a trusted expert
  • Saving money when you pass along vendor programs, discounts, and promotions
  • Being informed about your special events and company news

E-Newsletters help you keep customer mindshare, establish your expertise, and trigger buy events at a fraction of the cost of actual sales calls. Plus, you can ensure that ALL of your customers and prospects are being informed on your products and services on a regular basis.

E-Newsletters are an effective web marketing strategy that is successfully used by small businesses all the time. Using E-Newsletters in your online marketing strategies can lead to improved search engine rankings, better brand recognition, new lead generation, and improved customer loyalty as well.

Here's How it Works:


Tracking Your Results

After the E-Newsletter is sent, you will have access to the results and tracking reports for your campaign, including:

  • Campaign totals for the number of emails sent, opened, bounced, and unsubscribed
  • Click-thru performance, total clicks, and click-thru rates
  • Emails/names of recipients who forwarded your email to others, who opened it and how often, which links they clicked on, etc.
  • List management functions for bounces, undelivered, and non-responders

E-Newsletter services include:

  • E-Newsletter design and layout that matches your existing “look and feel” and/or company branding
  • Insertion and coding of your articles, graphics, and content into your custom design
  • Professional listserv email services to send the E-Newsletter to your distribution list and appropriately handle list management functions (such as opt-in/opt-out and SPAM-compliance)
  • Results tracking, statistics, and complete reporting of campaign results

Five Sparrows E-Newsletter services also guard against duplicate email addresses, so you don’t ever send to someone twice in the same campaign. Plus, automatic SPAM compliance protection takes care of processing your opt-in/opt-out requests automatically, so you won’t miss any new recipients or accidentally send to unsubscribed recipients again.

Get Started Today!

E-newsletters are easy, cost-effective online marketing strategies that provide you with online visibility and web marketing benefits while staying in front of your customers and prospects. If you're ready to implement a professional E-newsletter web marketing strategy for your business, contact us today!


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