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Wazoefu Technology is a custom software development company that specializes in building innovative intranet software solutions for our clients. An intranet is a private computer network based on the communication standards of the Internet.

It is smaller version of the Internet that is accessible only to members of an organization. As such an intranet is a powerful tool enabling any enterprise to organize and manage its data and communicate quickly across the organization.

Intranets can be simple or as complex as you need, with extensive functionality and many features such as data archives, corporate directory, calendar, bulletin boards, news, broadcast, event planning and more. Our experienced software developers design powerful intranet tools to improve internal communications, consolidate and manage your corporate knowledge base, and establish effective workflow controls. The intranets we develop can transform your corporate data from a management challenge into a valuable corporate resource. Each one of our intranets is custom-designed to meet the needs of each client.

Wazoefu Technology is known for building complex corporate intranets. Our reputation is built on our strong project management process, which assures quality, consistency, and timely delivery within budget. Our solutions are of the highest quality yet our pricing is competitive. Our solutions work better because our software engineers have a unique combination of technical knowledge and business experience. We know that every intranet we build must be cost effective if it is to add value. 

Our Intranet Development Steps are comprehensive and include:

-Discovery and Analysis

Comprehensive review of company needs and current workflow process.

Wire Frame and Scope Documentation

The wire frame process assures that the form will meet the function in the design procedure.

-Flat Design & HTML

We provide different designs concepts. Once the design is chosen Wazoefu Technology works with the design to incorporate all of the necessary functionality. When we complete the design layout our programmers turn the flat design into a functional HTML template.


Wazoefu Technology then works to add the functionality and integrate each required application seamlessly with the content management system. .

-Quality Assurance

Always our first priority.


With the Growing need for Science and Technology, we have specialized ourselves developing a Team of professionals whose core competency is to compete with the ongoing amenities and also to shape the future of Information Technology industry,We specialize in aiding our clients to create an effective online presence by using interactive Technologies.


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