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A client/server application is a piece of software that runs on a client computer and makes requests to a remote server. Many such applications are written in high-level visual programming languages where UI, forms, and most business logic reside in the client application. Often such applications are database applications that make database queries to a remote central database server (this can, however, get much more complicated than that and involve other communication methods)
Client-server describes the relationship between two computer programs in which one program, the client, makes a service request from another program, the server, which fulfills the request. Client Server Applications aid in smooth functioning of a website by empowering them with the ability to input, process, store and access data on any platform, irrespective of the difference in time and geographic location as well as difference in the position of the device of accessibility.
Client- Server applications are useful in fields like:
·         Retail
·         Finance
·         Accounting
·         HR Management
·         Sales and Marketing
·         Inventory Management
Client-server applications empower e-businesses of today by building closer links between industries and their clients. Without a platform such as this, remote data access would not have existed.
Client server applications that we offer to make your website successful:
·         Customized client server software& desktop application development
·         Client server application development and integration services
·         Client server application migration & re-engineering services
·         Client server application maintenance & support services
·         Client server software testing & enhancement
Wazoefu Computer Technology is a professional web development company has expert teams proficient in the use of the latest programming tools and platforms to enable us to provide you with the best client-server applications. We ensure that we provide you with top of the line, quality products which are highly scalable and help increase you ROI at an affordable price.
To develop client-server applications, we follow a series of steps:
·         System design: First we make a thorough analysis of  the system design,
·         System planning: Then we plan a client server application which will help optimize business production
·         Project development: The project is developed on our offshore state of the art development center, and managed by our project manager
·         Project testing: The application is put through stringent tests to make sure it is bug free
·         Application execution: The application is then implanted
·         Partner training: We provide training to our partners to enable them to maintain the application


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