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RF&F.CO.LTD is the company registered in the United Republic of Tanzania under the company Act Cap. 212 (R.E 2002), with Reg. No 90597.
    The company is aware of the influence of a family in achieving ones objectives thus making a family and friends company with the motto of a family being the yoke of sustainable development. The company is committed to individual development through establishment of proper channels of systems that will facilitate institutions and the community to achieve a healthy and developed human being.
    As a family we find it within our moral obligation to share the goodwill of mankind, we were taught since childhood  that all human being are equal and each being has the capacity to shape one’s own destiny. That the first human institution is the family and thus, being the source of all identity, desires, aspirations. It is through the family men and women that are influencing and have influenced the world, and have been shaped by the families and therefore with this in mind we feel obliged to come up with the family company whose beliefs, values and philosophies are to empower individuals and families through holistic programs that are meant to sustain various collaborations within and outside the nation. Social relations, mutual understanding, partnerships and joint efforts are the key eleme
  • Date Published: 07/16/2013
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With the Growing need for Science and Technology, we have specialized ourselves developing a Team of professionals whose core competency is to compete with the ongoing amenities and also to shape the future of Information Technology industry,We specialize in aiding our clients to create an effective online presence by using interactive Technologies.


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