Where does Google get its money from?

28 September 0   1

We know Google's financial results were impressively stellar last week (maybe not as stellar as Apple, but leave them as a thing apart for a moment) with that record-breaking $9bn revenue figure for the second quarter of the year.

We know that 97% of that revenue is generated by advertising, but what kind of advertising?

If you wondered where Google gets all that money from – it seems the answer is mostly the financial services sector. Searches for 'cheapest homeowner loans' or 'remortgage with bad credit' can bring in up to $50 per click for the search giant. That's $50 per click – so not necessarily even a web user who goes on to be a customer.

An analysis by internet marketing specialists WordStream has identified the top 20 industry sectors for the most popular keyword ads on Google searches with intriguing results.

However radical and technically innovative Google might want its public profile to be, it's the plain old insurance industry that accounts, by these calculations, for a whopping 24% of the top 10,000 keywords – and pays an estimated $54.91 per click for the most competitive keywords. Loans come in second at 12.8% with a top cost-per-click of $44.28, and mortgages 9% and $47.12. As WordStream's Larry Kim wrote in a blog post, it's because "these industries can afford to pay a lot to acquire a new customer".