Official opening of the KINU Innovation Space on September 14th 2012 at 6pm.

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Co-founder  Luca Neghesti - Change agent entrepreneur passionate about empowering the youth and elevating Tanzania’s role in the global ICT scene. Founder of Bongo5 Media Group (@bongofive) Luca is a serial entrepreneur involved in various sectors including logistics, media, tourism and ICT.

Co-founder Johnpaul Barretto - Political Science graduate with a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, has spent a year working for the Democratic Party of California on campaigns for California State Senator

 Invitees as attentive as they can be

Deputy Minister January Makamba with Catherinerose Barretto - Recruitment Consultant and Trainer, a Political Science graduate with a passion for changing lives through employment and skill development. Left is dad Tony Barretto

 Co-founder Taha Jiwaji - An entrepreneur who believes that technology is the next frontier in enabling businesses to grow in Tanzania. Founder of Bongo Live! (@bongoSMS), an sms and mobile services start-up.

 "...I think i like this innovative idea, don't you...?"

 Dr Yonazi from the IFM gives a word on cyber security

Co-founder Emmanuel Feruzi - Part-time lecturer who is heavily involved in open source and free software evangelism. Dedicated to distributing skills and sharing knowledge in the areas of programming and IT