How to Create Your Own Website That Will Get Results.

Many entrepreneurs are saving money by creating their own websites; however, they are not using the proper tools to get results.  You search engine optimization in tanzania,kenya, uganda and east africa. ee, there are many web design tools out there on the market for beginners, but the creators of those tools do not tell you about the importance of on page search engine optimization.

Many web design software solution companies focus on the fact the you have limited knowledge of SEO, so they feed on that by just telling you how easy it will be for you to  create your own website using their software.

I have a big problem with these companies not educating you about SEO.  The reason why I say this is because those companies know that you will not get results, such as more customers,  from your website because you only spent time on creating an attractive look, instead of also creating a site that’s attractive to the search engines (like Google).

The only way for your target audience to find your website when they’re online searching for products and services that you offer, is for your site to be optimized properly.  However, if the web design software that you are using does not allow you to optimize your site for the search engines, then your out of luck…and most of the website creation software providers out there do not have software that focuses on allowing you to create a search engine friendly website.

Those companies are simply taking advantage of the fact they you don’t know all the aspects of on page SEO.  That is one of the main reasons why I created this website – to inform you of the truth about why many websites are not producing any results and what to do about it.